DM-365XA UV meter for measuring UV intensity in the NDT

Standard UV measuring instrument for the intesity measurement of UV lamps

SKU: 808-SE-DM-365XA
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Spectroline DM-365XA radiometer for measuring UV-A intensity

• Measuring range: 0-19,990 milliwatts/cm2
• no sensitivity in the infrared range
• including 4 1.5 Volk Alkaline Batteries
• and battery display

Unsurpassed Accuracy – Meter calibration by the pyroelectric method provides excellent linearity and controls spectral sensitivity. Auto zero-level function and reliable electronic/electro-optical circuits provide an excellent signal-to-noise ratio. High-quality interference filters provide tightly controlled spectral coverage (320 to 400nm) and eliminate infrared sensitivity.

Longer life of the sensor – the robust silicon photodiode is sealed in a metal/quartz sheath and to protect against harmful effects from shocks and moisture.

More accurate readings – improved sensor components, sealed silicon photodiode and recalibrated light source. The most accurate values can be achieved with only one measurement.

Maximum durability – The DM-365XA radiometer “solid-state” circuit is very well protected in a polycarbonate housing.

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Additional information

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