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Mercury vapor lamps

Mercury vapor lamps for industrial applications

 mercury vapor lamp For visual inspection in NDT and many other areas It is very important for industry to obtain the best possible test results with the mercury vapor lamp in order to find cracks, blows, breaks and other sources of error on a safety-relevant component. It does not matter whether you use mercury vapor lamps in aviation, on the train for locomotive or rail testing or in shipping or other industrial machines or even power plants and turbines.
Mercury vapor lamps with their specific black light (UV light) allow defects to be made visible with the various techniques and test methods in order to ensure the best possible production and fault-free function of the components.

Mercury vapor lamps or UV LED lamps?

Many people ask themselves whether it is better to use a mercury vapor lamp or an industrial UV-LED lamp for NDT (non-destructive material testing) and other areas of application for testing. The good news: We are there for you personally and talk to you individually about the requirements in your area of ​​application so that you can Advantages and disadvantages of mercury vapor lamps and UV-LED lamps can be objectively checked and decided.
We would also be happy to send you a test UV LED lamp for you as a B2B user in the industrial sector, so that you can test the direct comparison between mercury vapor lamps and high-power UV LED lamps and then decide. Make your request now:


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Mercury lamp electrical ballast

The right electrical ballast belongs to every mercury vapor lamp so that it can be operated correctly. Depending on the wattage of the mercury lamp, you will receive electrical ballasts for mercury lamps in the range from 50W to 1000W as standard. In contrast, a ballast is not required for a UV LED lamp.
We therefore always recommend the total cost comparison between the mercury vapor lamp and the UV-LED lamp, taking into account the application, in order to make a final decision.
Because costs and benefits always have to be in the right proportion in order to make a good long-term investment.

Mercury vapor lamp UV

Mercury vapor lamps emit UV light and have therefore been used for technical test methods such as NDT (non-destructive testing) from the beginning. Depending on the design and performance of the mercury vapor lamp, a distinction is made between low-pressure, medium-pressure and high-pressure lamps . These have different wavelengths and are therefore suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications.
The UV light of a mercury vapor lamp for NDT should, just like a UV LED industrial lamp, be at 365 nm and allow tolerances and deviations to be as low as possible. The UV-LED technology from SECU-CHEK has an advantage here, because here the wavelengths, unlike the mercury vapor lamps, are continuously electronically monitored and the high standards in the aviation industry etc. can be maintained.