Spectroline Optimax OPX-450 actinic 450 nm blue light flashlight for fluorescence excitation

  • Special blue light lamp WITHOUT UV radiation
  • can also be used in daylight influence
  • for The ZfP (Destruction-Free Material Testing) such as .B. crack testing, magnetic powder testing, leak detection and much more.
  • for the visualisation of fluorescent pigments and dyes in the fluorescent crack test
  • Radiation 450nm
SKU: 808-SE-OPX450
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Special blue light lamp for visibility, even in daylight, of fluorescent pigments and dyes such as those used in non-destructive material testing and leak detection (cracklight).

This special system allows a fluorescent crack test (both magnetic powder and penetration test) without UV radiation to be evaluated (not yet standard-approved). It consists of a very high-quality flashlight whose LED produces blue light and has a special dichromatic filter gas, whereby only the relevant radiation (450 nm) is emitted. In combination with the optimally matched filter glass glasses UVS-40, this results in significantly higher-contrast displays than comparable systems of uv lamps.

The blue light emanating from the luminaire must be significantly higher than the UV radiation in the dark during daylight evaluation (the guide value may be 5 times at up to 350 lux ambient brightness). When evaluating with a brightness of less than 20 lux, a similarly high-contrast display can be achieved with a slightly increased radiation intensity.

Of course, you will receive comprehensive advice from UV-LED-Lampe.de and also the required measuring instruments. Please contact us.

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Additional information

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