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UV-A-LED-Lamps/Sources (Blacklights) for Specific Applications

SECU-CHEK develops, designs, engineers and manufactures UV-LED-Systems, its components, electronics and drives. This allows us to offer a wide range of standard-lamps and to deliver high-quality customized systems for specific usage.
You need a UV-LED-source for a special application and didn’t find it on our website or didn’t see the needed product anytime before? Don’t hesitate to contact us and benefit from our experience in many different industrial fields, our application-oriented solutions and our versatile manufacturing and planing possibilities.

UV hand lamp – Find the right UV LED hand lamp for your application

UV HandlampUV hand lamps from SECU-CHEK are high-performance UV LED lamps specially designed for the industrial sector, which enable you to obtain an optimal display and consistently good test results.
A UV-LED hand lamp should be light and easy to handle so that it can be checked even in hard-to-reach places. Because the high-performance UV LED will often be used by you or your colleagues for several hours a day during non-destructive testing etc.

UV LED spotlights – UV hand lamps with extensive illumination

UV LED floodlights (are often also searched for under “LED UV lamps” or “UV lamp LEDs”) can also be used flexibly as UV hand lamps, but are equipped with a higher number of high-performance UV LEDs and specially developed for larger components to be able to check for cracks and defects quickly and effectively.
When operating the LED UV floodlight lamps, you should always observe occupational safety, i.e. Never look directly into the UV LED spotlight and hold the lamp under your eyes so that no black light can shine directly into your eyes.

UV flashlight 365 nm

UV flashlight 365 nm is the name for UV hand lamps with a wavelength of 365 nm (UV LED 365nm stands for 365 nanometers and is achieved with SECU-CHEK UV lamps as a real peak wavelength. The LED UV component fluctuates with a maximum deviation of ± 5nm, so that test errors can be excluded from the hardware of the LED UV flashlight.

Use our LED UV flashlight test: We specialize in the B2B area and offer you a trial purchase. Test the UV hand lamp from SECU-CHEK and simply make an inquiry.