Spectroline® EagleEye 365 extra-mobile, universal UV LED light in a focused design

extra flexible universal UV-A-LED area light

• 2 high-performance UV-A LEDs and integrated white light
• for attachment to the spray can
• Can also be used as a hand or headlamp
• fast, efficient and safe

SKU: 808-SE-EK3000F
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This UV LED focus lamp can be used very flexibly. The lamp can be placed on a spray can. It can also be used as a hand or headlamp.

With this focus spotlight, the examination area is selectively illuminated.

Ideal for use in fluorescent magnetic powder testing and in the curing of resins when repairing stone chip damage to vehicle glass panes.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Wavelength peak:

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Drop in UV-A radiation intensity at the edge: