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A UV lamp or UV-LED lamp is used in a wide range of applications. Especially in industry, UV lamps are now indispensable.
In the aviation industry, for example, tests are carried out with UV lamps for the quality control of engines and technical inspection of components in order to detect the smallest hair cracks and other defects.
This is called the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). The NDT and thus UV-LED lamps have a great influence on the daily life of many people, without many people even being aware of this. UV lamps are used to test the chassis of aircraft, as well as glass panes and paint coatings, for cracks and jumps. Thus, UV lamps are of enormous importance, as they prevent possible accidents and disasters.
SECU-CHEK, a manufacturer of special UV LED lamps, has revolutionised the possibilities of testing materials and provides a higher level of safety and better display during testing with various functions such as the dimmable white light for UV lamps.

IF FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION - UV-LED lamps for safety-relevant applications

UV LED in industrial use – these are the advantages

NDT - UV-LED lamps for non-destructive material testing

UV LEDs are light-emitting diodes (LED) and work with ultraviolet radiation. The use of UV LED in non-destructive material testing (NDT) offers some advantages over the previously commonly used mercury vapor lamps.
The long-wave black light of the UV LED provides improved visual display when inspecting safety-critical components. In this case, certain fluorenic dyes are often used to further increase the visual capacity.
In addition to the visual aspect, UV LED lamps also have some economical advantages. In addition to the higher energy efficiency, which has a significantly lower energy consumption for UV LEDs, there is also a lower heat generation in the UV LEDs. Furthermore, UV LEDs are characterized by a very long service life and a significantly lower sensitivity to impacts etc. in practice.
Industrial users of UV-LED lamps benefit from the direct availability of the UV light source immediately after switching on. As a result, the UV LED can be switched on and off at any time and a so-called crossfade film can also be passed through with the patented automatically dimmable white light. This allows for a completely new, improved and, above all, faster visual inspection.

UV flashlight – mobile UV lights in many variations

UV flashlights by SECU-CHEK

UV flashlights are small and handy and are offered by SECU-CHEK in a wide variety of model variants. This allows the right UV flashlight to be supplied for every application for optimal results.
Mobile UV-LED flashlights are particularly suitable in industry for testing industrial plants. Because if the tightness of pipes or the like has to be checked, the NDT user must be equipped with a light, handy UV flashlight. If necessary, it can also climb and reach places and areas that could never be tested with a stationary UV lamp.


Mercury vapor lamps – the previous standard

Mercury vapor lamps

UV mercury vapor lamps were initially used in the non-destructive material testing, they were the basis of the NDT. Mercury vapor lamps are so-called gas discharge lamps, which were already used in the first half of the 20th century. For a long time they were the quasi-standard also in the field of UV radiation sources and were thus also used in the non-destructive material testing.
If one compares mercury vapor lamps with the UV-LED technology, there are some differences, which have led step by step to the breakthrough of the UV-LED lamps compared to mercury vapor lamps in industrial use.
In addition to the mercury content of mercury vapor lamps, the lower and more uneven light yield compared to UV-LED lamps is to be mentioned. But also the lack of dimming of mercury vapor lamps and lower shock resistance with a shorter service life are important decision criteria when choosing the right UV lamp. Based on these arguments, the decision is made in favour of modern UV-LED lamps in most applications.

The experienced SECU-CHEK team will be happy to help you choose and decide the right UV lamp at any time.


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Fluorescent leak detection – this is how fluorescent leak detection works with industrial UV technology

In order for the fluorescent leak detection to work optimally, high-quality crack testing agents with outstanding fluorescence properties are required on the one hand, and state-of-the-art UV-LED lamp technologyon the other. This is the only way to carry out fluorescent leak detection efficiently and reliably and to reliably detect...

UV-LED lamp as a high-power test instrument for safety-critical applications

UV LED lamp with high-power UV LEDs

The UV-LED lamp from SECU-CHEK is characterized by many features for industrial applications and tests. The H1 – UV LED lamp is thus the quasi-standard for material testing for many test laboratories and also companies in safety-critical industries such as the aviation industry.

The conformity of the UV LED lamp plays a decisive role here. A UV LED lamp must meet certain standards and standards, especially in safety-critical applications, in order to be approved as a test instrument at all.

Many years of experience have been incorporated into the development of the UV LED lamps from SECU-CHEK. The result is a UV LED lamp, which is compatible in over 48 versions for almost any certification and application area and thus offers compared to conventional UV LED lamps for greater investment reliability and longer operating time.

UV lamps with certifications for industry

Certified UV LED lamps - ISO Standard, ASTM standards and much more.

UV luminaires for industry have special requirements. The goal is always to keep the quality and safety of machines and components at a consistently error-free level. The most important industry standards for UV luminaires are created and further developed by organisations such as DGZfP, ASTM, DIN, ISO and NADCAP.

UV lamps with industry standard are therefore particularly robust and suitable for continuous use. A certified UV lamp therefore satisfies a particularly high standard of quality. SECU-CHEK has been meeting this requirement for industrial UV lamps by ensuring compliance for many years. SECU-CHEK UV luminaires are therefore always qualified according to the standards required for you and therefore combine reliability and innovative functions.

In the UV LED lamp – online shop you can find out more about all UV lights and also search specifically for the respective industry standards. In addition, we offer comprehensive advice so that you can buy the UV light, which is optimally suited to your application.


Industrial UV lamps online shop with personal advice

UV lamps are available in a wide variety of variants. SECU-CHEK is one of the leading manufacturers of UV lamps and supplies companies, suppliers and users worldwide with the appropriate UV LED lighting systems.

In order to be able to buy a UV lamp that is optimally geared to your specific application, we offer a free all-round support with our UV lamps. This starts with the purchase advice,the possibility to test the UV lamp in live operation and goes far beyond that. In this way, we offer all our customers long-term support, which also includes services for the requalifzing of UV lamps, the calibration of UV lamps and much more.

Wafer inspection: High-tech LED lamp as a replacement for conventional yellow light lamps in wafer inspection

Wafer production is a time-consuming and complex process with many sub-steps. The highest quality standards and the lowest possible rejects are essential for efficient, economical chip or solar cell production. SECU-CHEK offers a very powerful alternative with a sensational replacement for previous yellow light lamps: the yellow wafer semiconductor inspection lamp SLEX-GB-H127-SFN-DNF

Discover the advantages of the LED yellow light lamp from SECU-CHEK when used for optical wafer testing: Yellow light lamp for wafer inspection

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