8 Reasons why to CHOOSE
SECU-CHEK Lamp and Systems

Easy, Fast & Fatique Proof Inspection
– Optimal Visual Inspection and Machine Vision
– Ergonomic Vision and Handling
– Designed By Specialists for Visual Inspection

The Optimal Source For All Applications
– Torch Lamps / Flashlights
– Handlamps
– Semi Stationary Lamps (usable as Handlamp and Stationary)
– Stationary Lamps
– Splash Proof and Penetrant Proof Lamps
– Custom Designs
– Different Focus
– Various B-Series

Cost Efficient
– Long Life-Time
– Efficient Inspection
– Minimum Total Costs of Ownership (TCO)

Reliable and Secure Operation
– Monitored, Active Fan Cooling For Maximum Performance
– Professional Equipment for Industrial Application

Integrated Features
– Mix of Different Wavelength and Light Colours of White Lights
– Electric Monitoring With Security Shut-Off for reliable operation
– Adaption Time Signalization (Timer)

Customizable by User
– Integrated Features and Settings can be pre-adjusted by the user
– Large Choice of Accessories
– Various Power Supply and Plug Options

High Quality
– Stable Peak Wavelengths and Wavelengths Distibution
– Extreme Uniform Irradiation and Illumination
– Engineered and Made in Germany

Robust and Sustainable
– Lasting and Robust Design
– Local Sourcing (30% Regional, 45% German, 15% European, 10% Worldwide)
– Full In-House Capabilities from Design (Hardware and Software) over
Electronic and Mechanical Manufacturing up to Final assembly and

8 Reasons why to LOVE
SECU-CHEK UVE Series Handlamps

Secure Inspection
– Allows you to use your full field of vision
– Intergrated Timer to control the Adaption Time
– UV LED monitoring and System Health Monitoring with automatic Shut-Off (no manual checks required)
– Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV)

Easy Observation
– UV-Formity™ Technology for Clear View
– Large Central Beam (area ≥ 1.200 µw/cm²), soft drop from the center to the edges
– Optional Automatic Dimming White Light for uninterrupted observation and no flash-blinding of the eyes when using white light

Fast Detection
– Large usable Beam (area ≥ 100 µw/cm²) for immediate full overview
– Optimal support of the detection capabilites of the peripheral vision
– Full orientation on working surface

Fatique Proof Working
– Natural Free Eye Movement Support
– Ergonomic Design
– Light Weight

Easy & Stress-Free Interpretaion With Optional White Light
– Laminar, uniform and non-glare illumination
Optimal White Light Quality (5.700K, CRI ≥ 90)
– In-Use Adjustable White Light Output
– Mix of UV and White Light
– White Light only

Groundbreaking Usability
– One-Hand Operation During Inspection
– Lamp follows intuitively the view
– Optional Hands-free Operation of the White Light
– Large Range of Accessories avaialble
– Easy to maintain


High Quality

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