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SECU-CHEK offers you with uv-led-lamp.com a wide selection of information around high quality UV-A-LED luminaire systems from our standard range that is always available at short notice from stock. Further we also offer specialised solutions for several applications. We wish to inform you all about UV-LED-Technology, answer your questions and explain important and interesting details to you.

We are experts in the industrial usage of UV-Radiation in different industrial branches. The availability of high-power UV-A-LED-Components and our experience with LED-Lamps presents the opportunity to manufacture UV-A light sources whose combination possibilities as well as their application possibilities are manifold. Through LED-Technology we are in the position to manufacture UV-A light source devices in unprecedented quality, UV-Intensity and dimensions. New combinations and circuit possibilities are now available that could not have been feasible before.

Based on our flexible and universal modular system, the highly qualified and motivated application und electronics technicians in Germany manufacture and optimise the standard systems of our American partners Spectroline®. This allows us to offer high quality and perfectly specialised systems for the application in addition to the standard range. We always guarantee highest flexibility, quality and reliability of the UV-Lamps and the customer service.

SECU-CHEK If Failure is not an Option

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SECU-CHEK UV-A-LED-Lamps and –systems are being used in different industries and applications:

  • Non-destructive testing (NDT), quality management
  • Curing of adhesives, resins, paints, varnishes and inks
  • Forensics and authenticity checks
  • Particle-,oil- and grease-detection
  • Fluorescent leak detection
  • Fluorescence excitation

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