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Stationary UV-LED-Panel-Lights, custom designs and OEM-products

 UVA lamp / UV-LED floodlight The new dimension in technical UV-Lighting in stationary applications, no matter if in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) like magnetic-flux testing, penetrant testing, adhesives technology, lacquer hardening, printing machines, machine vision.

In addition to our, from stock available, standard assortment, we also craft individual systems with intensities up to 1,000 W/m² at any size in professional industry quality and if required with convection-, air- or watercooling, made in Germany.

Always brought to technical perfection and reliable with optional separately activatable and dimmable High-Quality white light.

UVA lamp as a stationary UV-LED lamp

UVA lamps for surface illumination are often designed as stationary UV-LED lights. This means that the UVA lamp is permanently installed and, for example, is suspended from the ceiling or otherwise fixed. With the UVA lamp you have the advantage during the test process (e.g. in NDT, the leak test or magnetic particle test) that you have both hands free. Of course, the UVA lamp should be attached and aligned in such a way that you have the best possible display of the area illumination on the test object. We offer individually designed UVA lamps as a stationary version , for example to implement special requirements. The UVA lamp can be operated at an angle or “flying”. We find the right UVA lamp surface illumination for your situation and offer it including installation and introduction.


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UV-A lamp as UV-LED special constructions

Special constructions of UV-A lamps are necessary in many areas of industry. Each industry has different standards and specifications for certain projects that do not stop at testing with a UV-A lamp. This is where SECU-CHEK comes in as a specialist for UV-A lamps. Together we will develop a future-proof UV-A lamp concept so that you can carry out your test procedures as effectively and cost-effectively as possible. The UV-A lamps from SECU-CHEK are easy to maintain, are characterized by low waste heat and do not emit dangerous UVB or UVC radiation. UV-A lamps are available as focused versions and as surface lamps.

Highlights of the UVA lamps

  • – UVA lamp with electronic monitoring
  • – UVA lamp possible as a focused version or as a surface light
  • – individually designed UV-A lamps according to your requirements with regard to intensity
  • – UV-A lamp available on request with the revolutionary, patented automatic white light dimming