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UV LED Handlamps / mobile UV LED lamps

UV LED Handlamps / mobile UV LED lampsLarge Assortment of UV LED handlamp fro all industrial applications

Choose from 3 series:

UVS – robust basic UV LED hand lamps for standard applications

UVN – advanced UV LED hand lamp for demanding application

UVE – professional enhanced UV LED handlamps for mission critical applications and maximum process security

UV LED hand lamps for industrial professionals

LED hand lamps and UV LED hand lamps from SECU-CHEK have been developed by NDT experts for NDT professionals and convince with many very useful functions in practice.
The UV-LED hand lamp series UVE with the patented, automatic white light dimming can be individually adapted to the user. The weight of the UV-LED hand lamp is less than 1kg.

Mobile UV LED hand lamps

The mobile LED and UV LED hand lamp series UVE, UVN and UVS are individually adapted to your application, i.e. the number of UV LEDs and the certifications etc. can be tailored to your requirements. With the mobile UV LED hand lamps from SECU-CHEK you can achieve very well and homogeneously illuminated displays and can work faster and more efficiently.

UV LED hand lamp battery

UV LED hand lamp batteries for mobile work. Of course, the SECU-CHEK UV LED hand lamps can be operated with a powerful battery , so that the user has a very high degree of freedom of movement on the industrial system or other test objects to be inspected and can test relaxed.
Get an overview of the possibilities of UV-LED hand lamps and make an individual request for your high-performance UV lamp. We are happy to help.