analog UV-Meter BLAK-RAYJ-221® (UVP)

the classical UV-Meter by BLAK-RAU (UVP)

SKU: 800-221-001
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The BLAK-RAY J-221 is an analogue intensity meter specially designed for the long-wave UV radiation (365 nm) with removable probe used in NDT.

Display ranges: 0-12 W / m² (Pos. A); 10-60 W / m² (item B); expandable up to 300 W / m² through a panel.

J-221 is calibrated in a sturdy metal case, with a 1.2m extension, and delivered with certificate.

The recalibration should be done every 12 months (6 months recommended) at the latest.

No conformity with EN ISO 3059

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Additional information

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