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Splashproof and measuring-device-resistent UV-LED Lamps

“Penetrant-Proof” & safe in the endurance test

Due to our focus and high level of specialization, we are able to design the penetrant-proof UV LED lamps that are individually tailored to your requirements.

Our professional lighting system is completely developed in Germany and manufactured by SECU-CHEK and can be flexibly adapted.

We will be happy to help you choose the right UV-LED lamp technology: Contact

We have put together a selection from our entire range of splash-proof and measuring-device-resistant UV-LED lights including our B3 and B6 lights with a special lighting corridor:

  • > uncompromisingly reliable visual evaluation through individual illumination
  • > flexible assembly and positioning
  • > future-proof and economical investment
  • > for rough, industrial use in NDT
  • > Conception of individual UV lighting systems and large-scale UV-LED systems in any size possible, adapted to your individual test situation