Further information around UV-LED-Technology and our range of products

UV-LED-Technology as a replacement for traditional light bulb based UV-light sources in non-destructive, fluorescent testing

UV-LED-Lamps are high-tech devices and barely have anything in common with traditional UV-A-light sources (e.g. mercury-vapour lamps, xenon-,metal halide- or halogen burner) except for the application and partially the appearance. In the ideal case a similar UV-A-Radiation (and nothing else) is being emitted and they are suitable for the magnetic particle testing and penetrant testing.

The LED-Technology offers many advantages and possibilities, however brings high technological requirements, difficulties and challenges, that are to be respected by both, the manufacturer as well as the operator to ensure at least the same save, reliable and efficient testing that was achieved by traditional UV-Lamps thus far.

On the following pages we would like to present you explanations about the terminology and parameters, why they are so important to your NDT application and how RIL-CHEMIE interprets them.

For optical evaluation of UV-A-fluorescent indication, it is certain that with the appropriate UV-LED-Lamps by RIL-CHEMIE and one of our NDT-qualified UV protection glasses you will achieve better, faster and safer testing than with traditional UV-A-Emitters based on light bulb technology. Simply click on the following links to learn more about the specific topics or contact us through telephone, fax, or email.

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