SECU-CHEK If Failure is not an Option

Professional Premium-Quality UV-A-LED-Sources from SECU-CHEK - if failure is not an option

Particularly reliable for safe inspection during fluorescent non-destructive testing (NDT) in aerospace

Choose the perfect UV LED for your specific application!

H1 Hand lamps series

the perfect hand lamp for any special application

H224 Hand lamps series

with and without automatic white light dimming


Main-powered, battery-powered hand lamp and stationary lamp available for all of the above standards. Countless individual adaptations and solutions are possible!

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  • Solutions individually tailored to your requirements
  • Price advantage through direct sales
  • Quality Made in Germany

and integrated functions for cost- and time-efficient work


even with a very short minimum working distance for clear vision and observation

NO blind spots, NO turbidity, NO tiny variations, NO structures/scratches,
NO splashy fragments in the area


GREAT BEAM ( < 1,200 w/cm2)
with large, soft-falling illumination environment < (100 microns / cm2) for optimal and easy detection and full orientation

Perfect replacement for 100W mercury vapor lamps (Hg), 35W xenon (MPXL) and 400W metal Halide Bulb based HID UV lamps without compromise


for continuous observation while adding or threading to the white light
WITHOUT flashed eyes

  • adjustable white light power
  • white light in addition to UV (UV and white light together)
  • Switching the white light (white light only)
  • Automatic gentle dimming of the white light when pressing the button
  • automatic transition between UV and white light
  • Keeping white light
  • highest quality of white light (Ra x 90, 5,000 or 5,700 Kelvin)


for inspection, significantly safer and more stable than when using mercury vapor lamps

  • automatic shutdown in case of failure of individual UV LED elements (monitoring of individual UV LED elements)
  • automatic shutdown in case of low battery (without additional intensity drop)
  • Continuous monitoring of system health
  • electronic cooling monitoring
  • electronic fan control
  • acoustic, optical and vibrating signals


to ensure proper eye adjustment and audit safety throughout

  • User-adjustable timer (1, 3 or 5 minutes)
  • integrated into the blue (non-yellow or greenish) signal LED


Automatic power-off and power-on as a safety feature for maximum service life and energy savings

for the cost-effective use of UV LED technology and the minimization of the total cost of ownership (TCO) by saving up to 80 of the life of your new UV LED light

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