UVED-710SW Stationary LED-UV-Light-Source for standard-application and usages, Only 15 cm minimum working distance

• examination area: 700x300m (in 38cm distance)
• instant ON/OFF
• uniform irradiation
• low power consumption
• shiftable and dimmable white light

SKU: 800-UVED-S710SW
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The UVED-S710S-FL is a high-quality stationnary UV-LED-System for standard examinations in NDT and many other application. Like all RIL-CHEMIE UV-LED-LEDs also the UVED-S710S fulfills all requirement of the most common NDT-Standards.

The UVED-S710S-FL has a medium intesity and large-sized examination area of 700 x 300mm in a distance of 38 cm (15 inches).

There is a high quality dimmable white-light integrated that can be switched on in addition to the UV. It can also be used without UV-Light.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 18,5 kg
Wavelength peak:


UV-A intensity at a distance of 38 cm:

Qualifiziert und zugelassen nach:

, , ,


Erfüllte Anwendungsnormen, -spezifikationen und -standards:

, , , , , , , , , ,

Risikoklasse nach EM6:


Illuminated area at a distance of 38cm:


sichtbarer Anteil am emittierten Spektrum

Halbwertsbreite des UV-Spektrums:

sichtbare Reflexionen:


Drop in UV-A radiation intensity at the edge:

Number of UV LEDs:

Lebensdauer T50: