UVED S712-F1 stationary UV-A LED large-area lamp the real successor of the classic 400 watt metal-halide spotlights with UV LED technology (365 nm) for aerospace applications

UVED S712-F1 stationary UV-A LED large-area lamp
• large illumination area, slightly focused
• Fan control and temperature monitoring
• Overheat protection to protect LEDs
• Adjustable UV radiation intensity (ex works)
• integrated operating hour counter
• suitable for continuous operation
• High resilience
• particularly suitable for aerospace

SKU: 800-uved-s712-F1
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UVED S712-F1 is the modern successor to the classic 400 wattFloodlightwith LED technology with a medium field of investigation. The high-end system guarantees maximum operational reliability in continuous operation under difficult industrial conditions. The luminaire is used in many areas of non-destructive material testing (ZfP), including magnetic powder testing and color penetration testing.

It has fan control, temperature monitoring and overheat protection.

The radiation intensity can be individually adjusted to your wishes in the factory.

The stationary UVED luminaire series are manufactured in Germany and guarantee functional reliability, quality and service life for the best measurement results.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 18 kg

• Extremely high-quality UV-A light for the highest measurement quality
• ideal for 24/7 continuous operation including operating hour counter
• Complete system monitoring in the form of cooling and temperature monitoring, automatic safety shutdown and alarm function

Wavelength peak:

Art der Stromversorgung:


Überwachung der Kühlung:


UV-A intensity at a distance of 38 cm:

Automatische Abschaltung im Fehlerfall:

Qualifiziert und zugelassen nach:

, , ,


Erfüllte Anwendungsnormen, -spezifikationen und -standards:

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Alarm im Fehlerfall:



UV-Intensität ab Werk einstellbar:

Risikoklasse nach EM6:


Illuminated area at a distance of 38cm:

sichtbarer Anteil am emittierten Spektrum


Halbwertsbreite des UV-Spektrums:


sichtbare Reflexionen:


Drop in UV-A radiation intensity at the edge:

Number of UV LEDs:

Lebensdauer T70:

Lebensdauer T50: