UVS365 B3A50 FL – 365nm UV-LED inspection light with 15 LEDs (300x100mm)

Splashproof and test-agent resistant UV LED lamp for use as a single floodlight or as one of several modules within an individually designed UV lighting system, e.g. for curing, etc.

• 365nm Floodlight with 15 UV LEDs
• Uncompromisingly safe visual evaluation during test equipment application and intermediate cleaning by individual illumination
• Flexible installation and positioning of the UV-LED large Floodlight
• Future-proof and economical investment
• particularly suitable for harsh, industrial use in the NDT (non-destructive testing)

SKU: UVS365-B3A50-FL
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Download PDF-Flyer UV Intensity Distribution (Beam Pattern) in Various Distances

UVS365-B3A50 FL – 365nm Floodlight with 15 UV LEDs for curing etc.

• adjustable UV-Intensity (via key-switch)
Ultraviolet lamp optional with filtering
• extremely large, uniform beam (flexible adjustment)
• Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV)
• exchangeable protective screen
• dust- and waterproof
• optional fan cooling

Your advantage with SECU-CHEK as a partner: 3D CAD files, dimensional Mockups and Drawings available to integrate our systems in the design of the penentrant line in the early stages of the development.

Our versatile mounting options for the UVA lamp allow for easy and flexible installation to ensure optimal illumination and inspection.

Additional information

Additional information

Wavelength peak:

UV-A intensity at a distance of 38 cm:

Illuminated area at a distance of 38cm:


Drop in UV-A radiation intensity at the edge:

Number of UV LEDs:

UV-A intensity at a distance of 100 cm: