UVN365 H1-12 FL 365nm Advanced Standard Handlamp Compliant for Aerospace Engine Overhaul (AMS 2647, ASTM E3022, and others)

UVN365 H1-12 FL – 365nm Floodlamp with 4 UV LEDs for the demanding industrial applications

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Professional UV LED Handlamp for the demanding industrial applications with 4 UV LEDs. Qualification acc. ASTM-E3022, AMS-2647 F (Revision 2017-09)

• Adaption Time Signalization (1 Min.)
• Integrated UV-pass filter
• Requalification possibility
• Monitored fan cooling
• Qualified and approved for ambient temperatures from 5°-50° C (40°-122° F)
• Battery monitoring with security switch-off before output drops

Comparison of the beam of SECU-CHEK UVN365 H1-12 FL with the unwritten standard 100 W Mercury Vapour lamp. (click here)

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Additional information

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