Special filter for Spectroline® Tritan ™ 365 UV-LED lights (UV-permeable) for maximum contrast of fluorescent displays in NDT

Increase the performance of your standard TRITAN ™ UV LED lamp!

• maximum contrast of the displays
• Safe and easy evaluation
• fatigue-free working
• maximum test quality
• no measurable proportion of white light

Further Informations


Special filter for all Spectroline® Tritan ™ 365 UV-LED lamps.

Filters out any visible UV radiation, so that there is no reflection on reflecting surfaces or a delicate purple-blue ‘background lighting’ is created.

When using the special filter, the lamp emits only invisible radiation and thereby achieves groundbreaking clarity and contrast of fluorescent displays.

This filter can be ordered from the RIL-CHEMIE factory as an optional accessory when purchasing new TRITAN ™ -365 lights.