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At RIL-CHEMIE you get the highest quality and most professional reference photos of your test and test specimens, no matter if PT, MT, daylight or UV.

We produce these high-quality, NADCAP-approved reference photos for your existing test specimens with all MT and PT test equipment and test equipment systems available from all manufacturers, e.g. Chemetall (Ardrox), Helling (Met-l-Chek, Standard-Chek, Nord-Test) or ITW Magnaflux (Zyglo).

Our photos are of higher quality than most of the competition and thus enable a real comparison with the test body during the test!

RIL-CHEMIE reference photos have the following advantages:

• Fluorescent display of the photo enables a real and direct comparison of the display of the test specimen with the reference in the dark cabin under UV-A radiation

• Illustration of the test specimen in original size

• no blue background when recording fluorescent test equipment

• Very clear and clear image of the test body with daylight test equipment

• Highest quality through special photo technology