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Illumination area / Area for use

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What is the illumination range and area for use of UV LED spotlights?

UV LED luminaires in the professional field for NDT (non-destructive testing) and other UV-LED applications must have precise and above all constant properties in order to ensure consistently consistent results in the test procedures.

Visual inspections must therefore provide the best possible illumination, so that the examiner can really detect any cracks and defects in the test object. This is extremely important, especially in high-security areas, where certain certifications for UV LED luminaires are also required. In some cases, human lives depend on the test, such as in the engine test in the aviation industry.


For this reason, a distinction is made between UV LED luminaires:

Illumination area: this is the entire illuminated area, regardless of how uniform the intensity of the illumination or beam of light is. This also includes the less well-lit peripheral areas.

Area of use: this is the uniformly illuminated area in the centre of the light cone within the illumination area, which has optimal test conditions.


A = Center of the illumination area / area of use

B = usable range (CB = Central Beam)

C = Illumination range (UB = Usable Beam)















Here you can see a comparison of the illumination ranges of the H1-18FL UV LED lamp from SECU-CHEK compared to the usual UV LED lamps and the mercury vapor lamps:

Click here for PDF download or click on the image to enlarge: