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Advantages of SECU-CHEK UV lamps

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1. The price of the lamp is not able to significantly impact the costs of the inspection of the individual parts.

2. The quality of the lamp can extremely impact the costs of the inspection.

3. SECU-CHEKs technology leading UV LED lamps with UV-formity ™ technology enable the inspectors to inspect the part in a much shorter time (up to 5 x faster) than with spot LED lights. In addition, the quality of the inspection is drastically enhanced while the tiring of the user and his vision is massively reduced to an absolute minimum. The work can be made easier and more motivated by just be able to see the things instead having to search them exhaustingly. All these factors reduce the costs of the inspection more than significant, more than any lamp could ever cost, while making the job easier for the user and enhancing the quality of the inspection process.

4. The complete system health monitoring of the UVE-series lamps with security switch-off, that shuts-off the UV when critical failures occur as well as the included electronic UV LED monitoring, makes the inspection as secure as needed for a mission critical process, as our inspectors are doing in the fluorescent NDT methods.

5. The patented automatic dimming white light enables the user to see things relevant for the interpretation of indication better than ever before without any additional stress to the vision and eyes, in a way like it was never possible before. Not only by the dimming itself, also by the easy usage and the possibility to add the white light to the UV as well as to crossfade to white light only make it so extremely helpful.

6. The UV-formity ™ technology generates REAL and TOTAL UNIFORM irradiation in conjunction with large beams with soft drop from the centre to the edges even in short working distances. This grant the inspector clear and precise view, easy and fast inspection. Further the user has full orientation on the inspection surface while the lamp intuitively follows the vision. Additionaly the beam of the lamps with UV-formity ™ Technology allows ergonomic and natural free eye movement for optimal, fatigue-proof inspection.

7. The ECO-Mode multiplies the lifetime of our UVE series lamps up to 10 times (depending on the amount of inspection performed per shift) compared to lamp models without this feature.

8. The electronically monitored and temperature controlled active fan cooling multiplies the life time additionally, to the ECO-Mode, compared to passively cooled UV LED sources.
9. Only the advantages of the last two features (point 7. and 8.) of our UVE-series reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for UV LED lamps in Fluorescent Magnetic Testing (MPI) and Fluorescent Penentrant Testing (FPI) to the lowest level available on the market, while the advantages are still in place for free.

To safe a lot of money for the UV needed for fluorescent inspection methods in NDT and to make the inspection sustainable secure and significantly easier and better, there is just a higher initial investment necessary.