Information in a new guise – the new website for UV-LED technology is online!

UV-LED lamps are used in many areas, semi-professional as well as in professional and safety-critical areas. is at the forefront when it comes to information for professional UV LED lamps.

The website has undergone a complete relaunch to be available for those interested in modern design with even better features and a simpler structure:

Further development of the website

previous website:

new website: Website

Many improvements to

With a modern menu, you now have access to the important topics and categories regarding UV LED lamps with a glance.


Overview of the application areas for UV-LED lamps: Mega Menu View

In addition to the already listed UV LED application areas, we will add more step by step:

Non-destructive material testing (NDT)

fluorescent leak detection, leak testing

Optical testing of fluorescent coatings

… So check out here again and again: UV-LED luminaires application areas


Which types of UV-LED luminaires are available with what special properties and advantages and disadvantages?



Conformity / UV-LED certifiers

Especially in safety-relevant areas, compliance with the standards and the documentation of the corresponding certifications is essential. As a result, the “conformity” area with certifications from the aviation industry has been completely revised and expanded. The latest developments on the certificates can be found here:

UV-LED lamps overview certifications aviation industry

Here you will find all certificates of Airbus, ASTM, Boeing, DIN EN, NADCAP etc.: for the UV LED certificates


UV-LED light series from SECU-CHEK

A special highlight are the UV LED lamps from SECU-CHEK, which are available in the UVE, UVN and UVS series, so that the perfectly tailored model is available for every user:

UV-LED lamps - SECU-CHEK light series

User-friendly comparisons of the UV LED luminaire series,which are also available as PDF downloads, round off the range of UV LED luminaires.

Advice and knowledge base

The important aspect of the consultation has now also been clearly highlighted at

  1. Clearly visible in the upper header area, you have the possibility to ask a question or inquiry at any time with the consulting button or to clarify all questions about the UV LED lights directly with a call. The specialists from draw on a wealth of experience over many years, so that not only the advantages and disadvantages of the respective UV lamps can be learned for a specific field of application, but concrete practical tips can be given, which must be taken into account in the respective application. Because “NDT” is not the same as “NDT”. In the industrial sector, each material is different, the quantities vary, the size of the objects to be tested plays a major role and the local conditions such as the ambient temperature, etc. should not be underestimated.
  2. There is now a large FAQ area for UV LED lamps,in which the most common questions are answered and a lot of detailed knowledge about terms and parameters as well as functions are stored in UV LED lamps.
  3. Even with the UV-LED luminaires themselves, you can now make a product inquiry directly and should ideally send along a few more information about what you want to check and how. In this way, the most suitable models can be offered directly and detailed questions can be discussed in parallel by telephone.

UV-LED Lights FAQ Questions and Answers

Examples UV-LED lights FAQ article:

Advantages of SECU-CHEK UV luminaires

Why our customers love our UVE H118 WFL luminaire



Components and services for UV-LED lamps

The services relating to the field of industrial UV LED lamps are now also receiving “more attention”: listed in a neatly structured way in the menu, you can now find directly with a click to the respective divisions such as UV-LED accessories, spare parts and also services such as the calibration, certification or Risiki classification of UV-LED luminaires.


News section / Blog for UV-LED lamps

So that you are always up-to-date and can learn interesting aspects about UV-LED luminaires, we have now set up a special “news area” on Here we inform about current trends, relevant trade fairs as well as tips, tricks and expertise in the field of UV LED lamps:

UV LED lamps Newsblog Expertise on UV LED lamps

Examples blog articles:

Model overview and comparison of UV-LED lamps

UV-LED lamps illumination range Comparison


We are looking forward to the journey together under the motto “Future is now”!

Contact us at any time if you have any questions about UV-LED luminaires, we are happy to assist you.

Your team at SECU-CHEK GmbH