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Magnetic powder testing (MT, MPE, MPI, Fluxen) is one of the oldest, most effective, safest and easiest non-destructive testing methods to detect surface defects (such as cracks, cavities, pores or binding defects) on or directly below the surface of ferromagnetic materials.

The process is based on the physical principle that a magnetic leakage flux occurs on a surface defect during magnetization, on which tiny magnetic powder particles accumulate, thus making the defect visible.

The abbreviation MT comes from the English name Magnetic Testing.

RIL-CHEMIE can provide you with MT products for all current approvals and standards (DIN / EN / ISO 9934-2, ASTM E 1444-05, ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) Section V, AMS 3043C, AMS 2641, RCC- M), offer a wide variety of applications and test situations.