UVED-8 FL UV-LED- (365 ±5nm) Hand-Flood-Inspection-Lamp with a real Big Beam, Alternative to the 250 W Arc Tube, without White Light, conform to the ASTM-Standards E165, E709, E1208, E1209, E1210, E1219, E1220, E1316, E1417, E1418 and E1444

• big beam for a large ilumination area
• homogenous irradiation already from 8cm from the testing surfacae
• light-weight
• maximum stability of intensity
• 8 High-Power real UVA-LEDs @365nm

SKU: 800-UVED-8-FL
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UVED-8 FL is a high-performance LED-lamp that emitts invisibleUV-A-Radiation, that is very homogenous and due to its big beam a large area can be illuminated for fast, easy and reliable Inspection.

The intensity can be limited and managed by a 2-tier switch.

UVED-8 FL is a high performance Handlamp with a medium sized inspection area and really homogenous illumination, even in short distances (8cm distance from the testing object)

There is a high quality, finely dimmable white-light integrated that can be switched on in addition to the UV and can be switched over to white-light and swichting off the UV.

It is a real LED-alternative to the known 250W metal-halide bulb-based lamp, without any reflection or detrimental amount of visible light or infrared-radiation.

Made for 24/7 usage in hard industrial conditions.

Many Accessories available, easily usable as a stationary lamp , that can be also used as handlamp.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 1,2 kg

UVED-8 FL UV-LED- (365 ±5nm) Hand-Flood-Inspection-Lamp with a real Big Beam for a large ilumination area without White Light

Wavelength peak:

Art der Stromversorgung:


Luftfeuchtigkeit in %:

maximale Leistungsaufnahme:

Weight of the lamp head:

zulässige Umgebungstemperatur für den Betrieb:

max. Betriebsspannung Handgerät:

UV-A intensity at a distance of 38 cm:

Eingangsspannung (PRI):

Qualifiziert und zugelassen nach:

, , ,

Erfüllte Anwendungsnormen, -spezifikationen und -standards:

, , , , , , , , , ,


UV-Intensität ab Werk einstellbar:


Risikoklasse nach EM6:


Illuminated area at a distance of 38cm:

sichtbarer Anteil am emittierten Spektrum

Halbwertsbreite des UV-Spektrums:


sichtbare Reflexionen:



Drop in UV-A radiation intensity at the edge:

Überwachung der Mindest-Akkuleistung:

Number of UV LEDs:

Lebensdauer T70:

Lebensdauer T50:

UV-A-Intensität in 20cm Abstand:

UV-A-Intensität in 60cm Abstand:

UV-A-Intensität in 80cm Abstand:

UV-A intensity at a distance of 100 cm:

Ausgeleuchteter Bereich in 20cm Abstand:

Ausgeleuchteter Bereich in 80cm Abstand: