black disposable cotton gloves, non-fluorescent under UV, good fit, significantly higher wearing comfort and handle than latex, vinyl or rubber gloves

• deep black
• non-fluorescent under UV light
• high wearing comfort, thanks to shape-stable, hand-specific
(left/right) Fit with stable double seam
• very good touch feeling, breathable
• better than latex, rubber or vinyl gloves in dry
• also suitable as underwear glove
• Use as a disposable or reusable glove
• Different sizes available
• CE compliant

SKU: 800-HS-B-S
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The black cotton gloves, which are not fluorescent in UV light, are available as a pair (left / right glove). The high-quality workmanship guarantees maximum wearing comfort.
They are ideal for use in non-destructive surface tear testing using the penetration process. The gloves enable work with a low risk of injury in the electrical and electronics industry, packaging, transport, assembly and glass processing.
The non-fluorescent cotton gloves are breathable and guarantee a very good touch feeling and are not hindering even in fine motor work.

Unit. 12 pairs ( 24 pieces )

Delivery sizes:

6 (XS), 7 (S), 8 (M), 9 (L) and 11 (XL)

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg