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Professional NDT Tools since 2008.
Professionelle NDT Tools seit 2008.

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Why our customers love our UVE H118 W FL

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The UVE H118 WFL is THE professional hand lamp for the most demanding industrial applications.

With 6 UV LEDs and innovative white light functions, it enables you as the user to optimally interpret fluorescent displays.


The following advantages make the UVE H118 LED hand lamp a real professional device for specialists:

• Electronic monitoring of the UV LEDs for maximum operational safety
• Automatically dimmable and cross-fadable white light
• Eco mode
• Adjustable adaptation time signaling, user-configurable
• Safety shutdown when the battery is weak with pre-warning function
• Qualified up to 50°C
• Connection option for external control elements
• White light brightness adjustable during operation with fallback option
• Integrated special filter
• Monitored fan cooling
• Illuminated area at a distance of 38cm:
>1200µW/cm², Ø 19 cm, 285 cm²
>100 µW/cm², Ø 60 cm,  2830 cm²