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What does UV LED light mean?

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UV-LED lights are electric lamps that are equipped with light-emitting diodes (LEDs for short), and they work with UV radiation, i.e. Ultraviolet radiation.


When it comes to material testing, UV LED lights have many advantages over other lamps used to date, such as mercury vapor lamps:

  • Immediate full brightness after switching on, even at low temperatures
  • insensitive to frequent switching off and on
  • longer life
  • highest luminous efficacy of all types of lighting
  • lower heat load of the luminaire due to a higher efficiency and therefore comparatively less waste heat
  • partly better color rendering index (especially compared to high-pressure mercury lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps)
  • in principle (but depending on the design) continuously dimmable from a few percent to 100% without loss of efficiency or lifespan
  • smart controllable
  • directed, easy-to-steer light
  • no mercury content
  • high vibration and shock resistance, largely unbreakable
  • lower total costs (investment costs and electricity costs) than with other lamps


Further detailed information can be found here: Why secure UV LED light

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