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Typical operating time t50

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The typical operating time T50 (also called the typical median lifetime range) is the period after which 50% of the components usually fail or generate an error.

Furthermore, there is also the typical operating time T70.

The failure criterion is usually determined by the application, in the UV LED market T50 and T70 is usually indicated.

Our UV-LED lamp series are characterized by an extremely high typical operating time:

Specifications and functions of UV-radiation
Series: UVE 365 H1 UVN 365 H1 UVS 365 H1
Typical lifetime T50: ≥ 18.000 hours ≥ 15.000 hours ≥ 12.500 hours
Typical lifetime T70: ≥ 15.000 hours ≥ 12.500 hours ≥ 10.000 hours