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Adaption time signalisation

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Programmable Adaption time signalisation

The lamp systems have an integrated optical assistant for the operator, the so called adaption time signalisation. It helps the operator to estimate the correct time range that the human eye needs to adjust to the darkened test environment.
The adaption time signalisation automatically turns on when activating the UV irradiation and after every usage of the white light while using the setting „fast dimming“ or „shifting“ as well as during reactivation of the lamp from the eco mode.

After activation of the adaption time signalisation the left control LED starts flashing blue for the preset time. The blue flashing indicates that the UV mode is failure-free and the adaption time has not yet run out.

The adaption time signalisation is turned off during a critical error, which is signalled by a red flashing of the controll LEDs and acoustic signals.

Adjusting the adaption time signalisation

The duration of the adaption time signalisation can be set by the operater in advance between 1 minute (factory setting), 3 minutes and 5 minutes.